Some of Our Consulting Services include:
  • Direct Consulting with your School District's Security Director:                
    Lt. Colonel Charles E. McCrary will serve in an advisory capacity for your
    School District's School Security Department. He will provide a professional
    assessment of your School District's Overall Security Operations which
    may include facilities, budget, training, policies, overall security team
    structure and operations. (Time Frame: 0-3 months)

  • School Security Climate Survey Service -Only:  (Time Frame - 3 weeks)
School Security Climate Assessment conducted on-line by our HR Team.   
Schools pre-select work groups such as Principals, Administrators, and/or   
Security Officers to participate. Participants receive access to confidential
survey instrument. Security Climate Results Report issued within three  

Some of our Workshop Services Include:
  • Partners in School Security: "Pulling the Pieces Together" - 4 Hours:  
    This workshop brings together members of law enforcement, school
    administrators, school security officials, principals and SROs to plan how
    best to partner with each other for school security operations success.

  • "Back to School" Safety Planning Workshops  -   4  Hours:
         For School Administrators, Principals, Security Officials & SROs
Q1. Are you ready for students "safe return" from summer break?  
Q2. Are  your new "Safety Officers" ready to work & mentor our youth?
Q3. Have you spoken with local law enforcement on how they can help?
Q4. Are you sure each Principal knows their role with school safety?
If you answered "No" to any of these questions, you should schedule a
workshop with us!

                                    Contact Us At:
     McCrary Security Office                            Email:              
     Lt. Colonel Charles E. McCrary                 Direct: 314-761-7390
     Julie Hickman, Client Operations            Direct: 913 -226-0533
Speaking Engagement and Book Signing Events:
  • Public and Private Keynote Speaking Engagements can be scheduled with
    the president,  Lt. Colonel Charles E. McCrary, Sr. (retired)

  • Host a Book Signing & Lecture Event with the President / Author of "Urban
    School Security from Behind the Scenes: Views from a Retired Urban
    School Security Director" with your University or Organization

For Scheduling Events with Lt. Colonel Charles E. McCrary, Sr. (RET):
Contact:  Julie Hickman 913-226-0533  

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" School Safety"
School Administrators,
Security Officials.
Principals and SROs

4-Hour Workshop
Facilitated by retired
Lt. Col Charles McCrary, Sr.


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"School Security Climate

Discover How Safe Your
Staff Feels and What They
Would Suggest For School
Security Improvement.

Our School Security Climate
Surveys are web-based and
custom designed  for your
school district.

Final Reports available for
evaluation in as little as 3

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