McCrary Security Consultants conducted a survey with 35 lively, attentive         
and intelligent school security, law enforcement and administrative                     
professionals from all over the United States including Canada. A short             
sample of their responses to a series of discussion questions given during the     
Best Practice Seminar titled:
"Security Directors: Pulling the Pieces               
Together" can be found below:

 What major training areas should ALL urban security personnel receive within    
their first year on the job?

A1.   Security Directors in this workshop overwhelmingly stated knowledge of        
school law, report writing, human relations and people skill training, search and           
seizure, school district policies and procedures, rules of arrest and evidence,                
etiquette, communications, crises response & crises management training,                    
diversity training and PPCT.

Non-Security Directors in this workshop also recommended disruptive                     
student management training, Safe School Act training, SRO Certification,                     
firearms training and awareness, hand-to-hand, talking with people, child                      
development, crises interviewing in educational setting, sexual abuse/neglect                 
training, interview/interrogation, use of force and special education training.

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