About This Book
    McCrary provides his readers with a "behind-the-scenes" view into the intriguing and
    sometimes complicated life of an urban School Security Director as well as the dangers he as a
    St. Louis law enforcement officer faced while working in an urban environment. Along the way,
    McCrary shares some of his most memorable moments as a young St. Louis Police Officer and
    provides invaluable tips on how best to manage a successful urban school security program.

                     What others are saying about this book:
                        Excerpt from the Book's - Foreword
    "My experiences as Superintendent in three previous cities taught me that I had to hire an
    exceptional professional to lead the system and restore confidence in our ability to protect
    students. The Colonel brought all of his expertise, experience and commitment and built an
    effective, professional force. I am pleased that he has outlined in this book the road to success
    in one of the most challenging problems public schools face.
                                                                                                      Cleveland Hammonds, Ed D
                                                                                                                Retired Superintendent
                                                                                                      St. Louis Public Schools

    “Congratulations! You have tackled a very serious subject, produced a do-it-yourself manual
    and put it in a form that reads like a novel. A copy of this book should be in the professional
    section of every urban school library and a must read for all urban security divisions.”
                                                                                                      Reola H. Boyd - Retired
                                                                                                      Director, Library Services
                                                                                                      St. Louis Public Schools

    “Although this is a must-read-book for anyone in the school security system, it is also an
    engaging book about the professional experiences of a seasoned law enforcement officer.
    McCrary’s language is fluid, his descriptions are strong, and his instructions are concise and
    easy to understand. McCrary uses his vast knowledge to lead readers through a variety of
    challenges they will likely encounter while working with public school security staff, students,
    faculty, administration, local police officers and the community at large. However, as a lay
    reader with no experience in security, I enjoyed McCrary’s autobiographical information and
    his personal stories about his life and his work.”
                                                                                                      Patricia C. McKissack
                                                                                                      Children’s Book Author
                                                                                                      St. Louis, Missouri

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Urban  School Security from Behind the Scenes:
Views from a Retired Urban School Security Director

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